MongoDB for Beginners


This book is an exploration of MongoDB. It begins by explaining what the database is, where it is used, and how it can be used. The next part explores how the environment for MongoDB can be setup, and this mainly includes installing the platform into your system. Installation on both Windows and Ubuntu, which is a distribution of Linux, is explored. After reading this book, you will know how to create your own database in MongoDB. The dropping of the database is also discussed. Collections are explored, and you will learn how to create these in MongoDB. Insertion of data into a collection is explored, as well as how to delete a collection from your database. Updating of data in a collection as well as querying the data from the collection is then explained. Projection in MongoDB is also presented, thus, you will know how to perform this in MongoDB. Sometimes, you might need to limit some records while querying the database. This is discussed in this book, along with sorting of data. You will also learn how to backup data and then restore it in MongoDB. Regular expressions are discussed, and thus, you will know how to use these so as to operate the database. The last part of this book explores MongoDB and Java, preparing you to perform the various MongoDB tasks in Java.

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