Windows scripting is changing the face of system and network administration forever by providing everyday users and administrators the ability to automate repetitive tasks, complete activities while away from the computer, manage remote resources, and perform many other time-saving activities. Scripting accomplishes this by allowing admins to create tools to automate tasks that would otherwise be handled manually, such as creating user accounts, searching files and retrieving data, or examining system information. By eliminating manual processes, productivity increases making admins and developers more effective and efficient. Best of all, scripts are easy to create and allow programmers and administrators to rapidly develop prototypes of applications, procedures and utilities, and then enhance these prototypes to provide exactly what they need. This ease of use provides the flexibility to create the kinds of tools needed without a lot of fuss. No other book on the market covers VBScript, JScript and Powershell while providing practical, useful scripts. Part I: Getting Started with Windows Scripting. Part II: Windows VBScript and Jscript. Part III: Network and Directory Service Scripting. Part IV: Windows PowerShell. Part V: Windows Scripting Libraries. Part VI: Appendices.

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